Girin Opens, Brandon Kirksey Named Next Hot Chef by Seattle Met

Girin opens in downtown Seattle

Korean BBQ Restaurant Girin opens in downtown Seattle

High end Korean steak-house, Girin, opens after much anticipation. Located in the new Stadium Place next to Century Field, downtown Seattle, this is owner, Steven Han’s first project which pays homage to his Korean heritage. Known for his Japanese restaurants (Momiji, Kushibar, Umi Sake House), Han has partnered with Cody Burns and San Francisco’s Brandon Kirksey (from Flour + Water) to create a high end Korean home-style dining experience.

As an expression of modern classical Korean cuisine, the lighting design highlights the architectural elements of the Korean inspired house and was a major element in the dining spaces, connecting areas through the use of ceiling mounts and decorative pendants. Decorative lighting solutions in the communal spaces are complemented by concealed and restrained illumination for more intimate areas.

There’s an inventiveness to the simple food only a talented chef like Brandon Kirksey could pull off, with its focus on ssam plates, banchans and small plates incorporating nose-to-tail meats complemented by bowls of home made makgeolli.

It’s no wonder, Brandon Kirksey has been chosen by Seattle Met as one of Seattle’s Next Hot Chefs for 2015 being described as “Someone young and eager, with talent, who could learn the cuisine and take it to another level.”

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