Product Spotlight: Tech Lighting

Mina Pendant from Tech Lighting

We recently chatted to lighting specialist, Alissa Stone from Sea-Tac Lighting to find out the latest and greatest in lighting products. Here are her favorites from Tech Lighting right now:

The Aragon Suspension:

Trigonometry and technology coverage as dramatically angled arms, housing beautifully diffused LED modules, create the prefect balance of direct and indirect illumination. The assertive architectural approach of the Aragon from Tech Lighting decisively redefines the modern chandelier.

The Aragon Suspension

The Mina Pendant with Locus Accessory

The Mina Pendant light from Tech Lighting is an elegant sphere of pure optic crystal, laser etched to create an orb floating within it. When illuminated by the downward-firing LED hidden within the socket, the orb glows to provide task light on surfaces below. Available in varying cord color options and varying cluster sizes.

Mina Pendant from Tech Lighting

The Locus Accessory paired with the Mina Pendant is a clean circular accessory that adds dimension and scale as it frames the simple socket and cord style pendant.


Mina Pendant with Locus Accessory

For more information, head to Tech Lighting.