3 Tips for Bathroom Lighting

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Excellent lighting in the bathroom is extremely important. Whether you are grooming and preparing yourselves for the day or relaxing and unwinding for the evening, having the right placement of light will ensure the entire bathroom is multi-functional. Follow these tips to ensure even and ambient lighting, while perfectly brightening up your bathroom.

  1. The most common mistake in the bathroom is placing recessed ceiling fixtures directly over the mirror. These cast shadows, create splotches and lines across the face. To avoid uneven lighting and eliminate shadows, mount fixtures like sconces on either side of the vanity mirror, 36 to 40 inches apart. The center of each fixture placed roughly eye level will allow even illumination across the face. If you don’t have space on either side of the mirror, a horizontal fixture at least 24 inches long can be placed 75 to 80 inches above the floor to allow the light to wash over the face.
  1. Bathroom lighting need bright lighting for getting ready in the morning to relaxing lighting as you wind down for the evening. Dimmers allow for complete control over lighting as well as conserving energy. Install dimmer switches so you can transition and move from one atmosphere to another.
  1. Mimic natural light in your bathroom so colors are rendered correctly. Crisp white light renders skin tones most accurately. White and frosted shades help diffuse light in a more natural way and bulbs that render colors appropriately for the room with color temperatures between 2700k and 3000k.

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