With over 25 years of experience, our services range from concept development to fully documented lighting design, from custom fixture design to designing with only standard products. We have the experience and expertise to find a lighting solution for you that fits within your budget.

Design Plan Review: Lighting Designs provides various types of plan review services for architects, developers and property owners in order to review and propose lighting solutions. We can give feedback regarding the efficacy of the proposed lighting; recommend changes or refinements to make sure you achieve the desired functionality and visual effects; and suggest ways you can realize savings in initial costs, energy, and maintenance.

Existing Site Review: Often we are called in to evaluate existing lighting with the goal of improving the lighting in general, or solving specific problems. With our years of experience lighting all types of spaces and understanding the nuances of light, we can provide you with recommended changes to greatly improve the lighting without costly changes and upgrades.

For large projects we provide CAD drawings of reflected ceiling plans, elevations, sections and details as required to support all phases the project: schematic design, design development, and construction drawings.

For smaller projects or remodel situations where computer architectural drawings may not be available, we will work with you to create a fixture layout/lighting plan to provide to your electrical contractor.

We provide you with a detailed fixture schedule/specification to ensure that the fixtures implemented on your project meet the desired performance criteria and achieve the design intent of the fixture selection. We also provide cost estimates of all fixtures to assist in the budgeting process.
Control systems range from the simple to the complex. We will analyze your requirements and recommend a control system to fit your needs. We provide a load schedule detailing each control/device on the system that ties to the circuiting and switching we’ve shown on your lighting plan.
Planned developments often require lighting guidelines for homeowners and/or commercial establishments regarding acceptable exterior lighting. This is especially important in jurisdictions with dark sky regulations. We can write the lighting guidelines to address your specific project requirements.

Complying with energy codes and qualifying for LEED credits requires guidance from lighting professionals. We provide that expertise for your projects.

Managing costs involves both the initial cost of lighting products and their installation, as well as the operation costs of energy usage and maintenance. We take great care in analyzing and evaluating all aspects of the lighting related costs to make sure our recommendations give you the best value for the near and long term.
Ensuring appropriate light levels for specific tasks and activities is a critical aspect of lighting design. We provide photometric analysis; design and perform mock-ups of proposed lighting solutions; and can provide renderings for presentations and client review.
Included in the completion of any lighting project we design is an on-site visit where we make sure all fixtures are aimed and focused to accomplish the design intent – whether lighting art, tasks, or architectural elements.
Whether you need a custom fixture as a signature piece for your project, or have been having trouble finding a fixture with the right scale, lamping, or other requirements, our artistic and technically qualified design staff can help create the perfect custom fixture for your space.